Saturday, April 6, 2013

Put Your Tongue There

Yes, right there. I want you to lick it, stroke it, and caress it with your tongue. I want to feel it's moist warmth over every inch of my sweet body. I want to grab you by your hair, your ears, or anything I can get hold of, and guide you to...exactly...where...I want you. This is similar to what I tell one of my naughty Niteflirt phone sex boys every time we talk. 

You see, he has a thing for pleasing me. Something my husband can't even dream about doing, and he's lying right here beside me dreaming of stocks or bonds, (not the good type!) or whatever guys like him dream about even as I type this naughty lil blog! Isn't it funny that a phone sex relationship can sometimes be more pleasing and more "real" than a real life relationship? It blows my mind!

But, more importantly, of course, is that it makes my phone sex friend blow know! He's the best type of guy to play with...he wants me to be satisfied as well as he is! And I am!! Every time I talk to him on Niteflirt, I tease him that "I'm waiting..." but I never have to wait long for pleasure when I'm talking to him!!

He could give my husband lessons. (would my husband have to pay HIM, then?!!!) *lol* Actually, *I* would pay to see that! Unfortunately, hubs is pretty stubborn and probably wouldn't understand why he would need any type of tutoring at all. Even if he saw me with his own eyes, writhing under my friend's oh so capable tongue... (God, that's hot!!) 

So now...

Call me on Niteflirt! (Little Wifey Waiting)

1-800-863-5478 Ext: 9963984

I'm Waiting...


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