Thursday, November 14, 2013

Phonesex and Secrets

I've told you so many of my secrets on here; my deepest darkest fantasies. (so far!) I think it's only fair that you should share yours with me! And yes, I do hear a lot on my phonesex lines every day. Some are quite tame like the guy who gets turned on when women wear high heels. Especially red. Some are a bit more unusual, like the gentleman who only gets excited when his wife dresses up like Wonder Woman. Some men have little tiny penises and want to be humiliated and laughed at because of it. 

But one thing I've learned over all my time taking phonesex calls on Niteflirt, is to never ever think you've heard it all. Not ever. Because just when you think you've heard it all, someone else comes along to top it. I've watched guys on cams fuck melons (and then eat them) I've watched guys get dressed up in their girlfriend's best lingerie (and some looked pretty good!) and the array of items I've seen shoved up a man's ass (or down his urethra) is nothing short of astounding. You guys amaze me every day. 

But I always want to hear more. I want to hear your fantasies, your realities, and everything in between. I want to help make those fantasies come true! You're not going to shock me or disgust me. Remember, I have my own secret desires. I enjoy fulfilling them one hot and nasty phonesex call at a time. Whatever it is you need, dream, desire, I can be that for you. And I just know you'll cum through for me. *lol* 

Hubs is out of town right now, and I really need this release. Call me if you do also!

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